Oxford House Princeton Place

9 Princeton Avenue
Claymont, DE - 19703
Phone Number: (302) 439-4581

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Oxford House Princeton Place is a democratically run, self-sustaining and drug-free home.Oxford House Princeton Place is part of a publicly supported, non-profit umbrella organization 501(c)3, which provides the network of all Oxford Houses and allocates resources to duplicate the concept of Oxford House where needs arise.Oxford House Princeton Place will keep the Oxford House name and , experienced House to assist the new House, once a month, in the geographical area Oxford House comes together to share a common experience.Every house in Oxford is an effective and cost-effective way to prevent relapses.Oxford House Princeton Place is a sober house for all men.The men of Oxford House Princeton Place pay all expenses related to the maintenance of the house.This self-service home has 10 beds.

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Have you ever used this location as a temporary place to live?


2020-01-13 10:00:16

Looking for housing for my 54 year old son diagnosed last year as bipolar. Will probably be getting out of prison end of January and desperately wants a job and housing. They've had him on meds which seem to have made a great difference in his behavior and I think if he has housing on release he may be able to get is life back. He lost a job he'd held for 19+ years as a result of his drug and alcohol use and was diagnosed after the trauma of losing his job. He's been arrested a dozen times since the diagnosis, often due to the survival antics of being a homeless person. Up until recently he wouldn't admit that he had a medical problem and he has finally gotten to the point where he realizes he needs to take medication every day. We want him to have a place to stay when he walks out of prison - which he hasn't had for the past year. If you can't help, can you please direct me to someone who may have the resources we need? Thank you.

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