South Central Behavioral Health Services - Able House

2701 Central Avenue
Kearney, NE - 68848
Phone Number: (308) 237-5775


Residential RehabilitationABLE House is a 9-bed, 24-hour rehabilitation residence that is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive and therapeutic living environment for people recovering from serious mental illness. At ABLE House, residents have the opportunity to learn and practice the skills necessary to move towards greater independence, less dependence on caregivers and a better sense of self-confidence and personal empowerment.Independent lifeRecovery of independent living skills is a key element of psycho-social rehabilitation and is included in the Individual Service Plan of each resident.The ability to recognize and understand the symptoms of relapses, the impact of medications and the acquisition of skills to address the symptoms of the disease are all part of helping individuals live effectively in the community.Each day provides empirical activities that prepare a person to perform practical, realistic tasks of everyday life.The effects of mental illness often result in social isolation, altered relationships and a general lack of self-confidence.Learning to live in a communication environment gives residents the opportunity to regain social skills, learn important problem-solving skills and build trusted, healthy friendships and support networks.Average length of stay for residents is 6-18 months.Arrange for the necessary support services prior to discharge to ensure a positive transition from Able House. Residents and care staff, including, but not limited to, the residents and care staff, have carefully planned and prepared for the transition to the community.Over the course of approximately 30 days, individuals are able to gradually move from ABLE House to their new living situation, while retaining the support of staff and fellow residents.Transition time also allows a person to identify and resolve any situations that are barriers to successful re-entry into the community.Skills developmentEach resident is involved in determining the level of independence he wants to achieve, as well as the skills and support needed to achieve their goal.The residence staff is available 24 hours a day, providing a model of behavior and development of skills consistent with the Individualized Service Plan of the resident.Employees and residents participate in at least 25 hours per week of psychosomatic skills building activities on site.In addition, residents take part in the Opportunity House Rehabilitation Day program from Monday to Friday.Residents of ABLE House use self-administration skills to administer medications.Responsibility for household chores such as cooking, shopping and cleaning is shared between staff and residents.All inhabitants of ABLE House must meet the criteria laid down by the State of Nebraska:Age 19 or overA primary diagnosis of schizophrenia, major effective disorder, or other severe mental illness as defined in the most current DSMRisk of hospitalization or a seriously disturbed lifeShow functional impairment that seriously interferes with two or more major life activitiesSome South Central Behavioural Services programs are partially funded by Region III, the state and/or the federal government.Rehabilitation services have been accredited by carF since 1996.

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