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SSTARBIRTH is the only inpatient drug abuse treatment program in the state of Rhode Island designed specifically for pregnant and postpartum women and their children.Since its inception in 1994, SSTARBIRTH has served 267 families, including 339 children.The program provides for six to nine months of treatment and can accommodate 14 women and 26 children.SSTARBIRTH's multidisciplinary team includes program directors, clinical supervisors, Mental Health Specialist, Substance Abuse Counselor, Case Manager, and Parenting Trainer, Vocational Education Specialist, Head Teacher, and It consists of 30 staff, including day care workers and other support staff.In addition, SSTARBIRTH employs a day and evening driver to ensure safe and timely transportation to appointments and minimize process disruption.Mothers kissing their newbornsThe SSTARBIRTH programme offers gender-aware services that focus on a woman's strength and resilience.Using a holistic approach aimed at helping a woman heal her mind, body and spirit, they rely on AA/NA principles and traditions to help women become abstinents.Build on a "one-stop shopping" model that addresses the multiple factors that contribute to the development of women's substance abuse problems,SSTARBIRTH provides on-site, or coordinates through its program, many of the comprehensive services needed by recovering women and their children, including addiction treatment, mental health services, the "Seeking Safety" trauma curriculum, the "Nurturing Families" parenting program, consultation with a child psychologist, vocational education, life skills program, primary health care, early intervention and licensed on-site daycare.mother and childBy treating them in a safe and caring environment, SSTARBIRTH enables customers to strengthen their health, recover and educate their children.Outpatient services include substance abuse, individual and family counseling. Providing a quality continuum of care and support to all people, especially those affected by addiction, by responding to their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.SSTAR provides inpatient detox services for men and women with alcohol, opiate, or benzodiazepine abuse problems.

Services: Substance abuse treatment services, Substance abuse treatment, Halfway house, Residential long-term treatment (more than 30 days)

Insurances: Self payment, Medicaid, Medicare, Private health insurance, Access to Recovery

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