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About Temporary Housing. is for those who are looking for Temporary Housing for those who qualify as low income.

We provide many opportunities to find a quick temporary solution to your housing needs. Some Types of Temporary Housing we provide are listed below.

- Boarding Homes
- Transitional Housing: Temporary housing for homeless, working homeless, sober living homes. Anything not considered emergency homeless shelter.
- Halfway Houses: Variety of homes that can assist residents with substance abuse issues, emaotional issues, physical issues and to transition back to society.

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Latest Listings Added in New York:

  • Addictions Care Center of Albany - Halfway House for Men Email Website Learn more 90 McCarty Avenue
    Albany, NY - 12202
    (518) 465-5470
    ACCA is unique in its philosophy and focus on the individual needs of each person served, integrated compassion and care, respect for diversity, and distinctive approach to group and individual counseling. ACCA is licensed by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (OASAS) which p .. see more
  • Oxford House Niagara Website Learn more 187 Niagara Street
    Lockport, NY - 14094
    (716) 438-7904
    Oxford House is a concept of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. In its simplest form, Oxford House describes a democratically run, self-reliance and drug-free home. A men's transition house with a total occupancy rate of seven. For current information on availability, please visit their website: .. see more
  • Oxford House Ontario Website Learn more 2402 Ontario Avenue
    Niagara Falls, NY - 14305
    (716) 205-8917
    Oxford House is a concept in getting out of drug and alcohol addiction. In its simplest form, an Oxford House describes a democratic race, self-support and drugs at home. The transitional home of the woman with a total occupancy of 6. .. see more
  • VIP Community Services Community Residence Email Website Learn more 1910 Arthur Avenue
    Bronx, NY - 10457
    (718) 583-5150
    VIP runs homeless shelters for women and assists them in finding permanent housing and references to the necessary services. Transition housing is a community residential program designed for women in recovery in their transition to the community. .. see more
  • Center For Urban Community Services Email Website Learn more 120 Wall Street 25th Floor
    New York, NY - 10005
    (212) 801-3300
    .. see more
  • HONORehg Middletown Addiction Crisis Center Website Learn more 38 Seward Avenue
    Middletown, NY - 10940
    (845) 343-7115
    HONORehg Adult and Family Shelters provide emergency housing for single men, single women and families. Their guests are provided with three nutritious, balanced meals daily, transportation and counseling. This is being done and support is being provided for self-sufficiency. .. see more
  • Morton Avenue Supportive Living for Men Email Website Learn more 240 Morton Avenue
    Albany, NY - 12202
    (518) 434-8083
    Provide safe, supervised housing and rehabilitation programs for men in the middle stages of recovery. Located in the Albany community, their Life Support Program includes a 24-bed transitional residential apartment building for men. Men live in a healthy environment and maintain a lifestyle withou .. see more
  • Oxford House Chilton Website Learn more 628 Chilton Avenue
    Niagara Falls, NY - 14301
    (716) 524-2610
    Oxford House is a concept of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. In its simplest form, an Oxford House describes democratic governance, self-supporting and drug-free at home. Male transition house with a total occupancy of 11. .. see more
  • Oxford House 90th St. Website Learn more 1116 90th Street
    Niagara Falls, NY - 14304
    (716) 371-2753
    Oxford House 90th St. is a democratically run, self-supporting and drug free home. Oxford House 90th St. is an all male facility. Every Oxford house represents an effective and low cost method of preventing relapse. A representative of every House in the area meets with the others on a monthly b .. see more
  • Henry Street Settlement Email Website Learn more 265 Henry Street
    New York, NY - 10002
    (212) 475-6400
    Henry Street Settlement opens doors of opportunity to enrich lives and enhance human progress for Lower East Side residents and other New Yorkers through social services, arts, and health care programs.Henry Street Settlement delivers a wide range of social service and arts programming to more than .. see more

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