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Temporary Housing in Hillsboro.

LowIncomeTemporaryHousing.com is for those who are looking for Temporary Housing for those who qualify as low income.

We provide many opportunities to find a quick temporary solution to your housing needs. Some Types of Temporary Housing we provide are listed below.

- Boarding Homes
- Transitional Housing: Temporary housing for homeless, working homeless, sober living homes. Anything not considered emergency homeless shelter.
- Halfway Houses: Variety of homes that can assist residents with substance abuse issues, emaotional issues, physical issues and to transition back to society.

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  • Oxford House Beaverton Website Learn more 222 South East 26th Avenue
    Hillsboro, OR - 97123-7027
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Castlewood Website Learn more 1972 North East 9th Place
    Hillsboro, OR - 97124-3802
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Eden Website Learn more 22525 South East Baseline Road
    Hillsboro, OR - 97123-6900
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Newton Website Learn more 1375 South East Walnut
    Hillsboro, OR - 97123-4839
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Refuge Website Learn more 352 South East Maple Street
    Hillsboro, OR - 97123-4420
    Oxford House Refuge is a self-managed, self-sustaining convalescent home for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.This facility only accepts men.The Oxford Houses are a concept for recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.Each month, Oxford Houses in a geographical area come together to share their common experiences in .. see more
  • Oxford House Grant Park Website Learn more 612 North East 24th Avenue
    Hillsboro, OR - 97124-6202
    Oxford House Grant Park is a democratically run, self-sufficient and drug-free house.Oxford House Grant Park is a women-carrying and drug-free home.Every house in Oxford is an effective and inexpensive method of preventing relapse.A representative of each house in the region meets monthly with the other houses to exchange information, seek solutions to problems in a particular ho .. see more
  • Oxford House Shadywood Park Website Learn more 1188 North East Grant Street
    Hillsboro, OR - 97124-3433
    Oxford House Shadywood Park is a self-directed and self-supported recovery house for the recovery of alcoholics and drug addicts.Oxford House Shadywood Park is a self-sustaining, drug-free home for women.Every Oxford house represents an effective and low-cost method to prevent relapses.Every month, the Oxford Homes in the area come together to share their experiences so that Oxfo .. see more
  • Oxford House Bentley Website Learn more 883 South East 32nd Avenue
    Hillsboro, OR - 97123-7315
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Glenbrook Website Learn more 3767 East Main Street
    Hillsboro, OR - 97123-6847
    Oxford House Glenbrook is a democratically run, self-sustaining, drug-free home.This facility only accepts men.Oxford House is a concept of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.Each month, Oxford Houses in a geographical area come together to share their common experiences in order to ensure that Oxford House Glenbrook operates in a way that preserves the good name of Oxfo .. see more
  • Oxford House McKinney Park Website Learn more 2624 South East Laurel
    Hillsboro, OR - 97123
    Oxford House McKinney Park is a democratic-run, self-supporting and drug-free home.This facility only accepts men.Houses in Oxford are a concept in getting out of drug and alcohol addiction.In order to ensure the operation of Oxford Hall McKinney Park, the geographic area is brought together each month to share common experiences in order to ensure the good reputation of Ox .. see more

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